Dj, Beau-z is known as the Hype Innovator, Turning nothing into something. Regarded as South Auckland’s Hottest Rnb/Hip-hop Impact dj. Taking the Club Scene to new levels. Controlling the crowd with the One’s and two’s and always keeping the crowd rocking. Drop’n Mix’n and cutting it up to perfection. is known for Switching it up and never keeping it the same.

Based in South-Auckland, NZ. Is a Resident Dj at Club Bacio. Is a Member of the Famous Sneak Out Crew, Put together by Deachy from Smashproof. Other Members of the Crew the likes of Djs Jojo, Soultre, Taktix and Reminise.

Beau-z Has also Worked Along side Other Djs likes of Dj Lenium, C-ram, Dj-CXL, Dj-Sir-vere, Sam-mixalot, Tikelz, Raolin, Rcee, Spade, Katana and Others.

Has Supported Acts such as Pieter T, Dei Hamo, Smashproof, Deach, Tyree, 4DG, J’Rome, Cavell, Rickey Okay, Odyssey Dance Crew, J-Williams, Eithcal, Monsta Gunjah, Frissco, Scribe, Devolo, Vince Harder, Boss Entertainment, TK Parada, Erikah and More

Media wise, Beau-z Creates and Mixes alot of Mixtapes pushing em out on the street, or free downloads on the internet to create a wider fan base. Is always coming up with new Mixtapes, mixes, Remixes every month..

At the moment beau-z is at the peak of his career, he’s done everything on his own to do list. Is now looking at new and different ideas etc. Keep an eye out for future projects from Beau-z

Quote from Dj-beau-zee
“I Dj for the love of Music, the passion, the art and soul of the turntables.

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